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Winter is a season which often has cool, crisp evenings and clear skies with their little pinpoints of light called stars. When I come home late at night, I enjoy looking up into the sky and searching for a few of the constellations (groups of stars that seem to make pictures) I learned about in science class. Three that I can usually spot are the same ones Job mentioned in Job 9:8,9. He said that God made the skies with Arcturus (the Great Bear, including the Big Dipper), Orion (the Hunter), and Pleiades (Seven Sisters). I also try to find a few of the stars whose names I remember. More importantly, I think about the God who made those stars and put them in their places. He knows each one by name and knows all the details about it – its color, temperature, size, and exact location. Genesis 1:16 amazes me with its record that on the fourth day of Creation, God “made the stars also.” It is as if God made the sun and the moon (great lights to rule the day and night), and then just threw out a few stars. Yet those “few” stars are now estimated to be 200 billion trillion, and the numbers seem to increase with each new stronger telescope! What an Amazing God! What an Amazing Creator! Esther D. Eden expressed her awe of God in her song “How Wonderful Art Thou.”

I walk at night beneath majestic (impressive, beautiful) skies and know behind them is a God all-wise, Who fixed (put) all stars, each in its lonely place,And wrapped them in a darkened robe of space.

O mighty God, how wonderful art ThouTo love the world while heavens before Thee bow.I fail to comprehend (understand) it all somehow.O mighty God, how wonderful art Thou.

I scan (look at) the heavens with rapture (great joy) in my soulAnd wonder how the God who made the whole could ever fix (focus) His thoughts on such as IAnd give His Son upon the cross to die.

That last verse makes it so personal. It reminds me that the mighty Creator of all things loved me so much He sent Jesus to die for me. That same God focused His love on you. He made the way of salvation for each one of us. “O mighty God, how wonderful art Thou!”

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