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August 2020

wooden bucket and dipperTCWeekly

Is There Life After Death?

Some say, they are... gone, no longer here, upstairs, in Heaven or kicked the bucket. One young boy at the funeral home said, “Mother, you told me Grandfather was in…
Ted Camp
August 26, 2020

Wanted A Liar

1 Kings 22:1-40 is the story of King Jehoshaphat (Judah) and King Ahab, an ungodly man (Israel), discussing whether they should go to battle with Ramoth-Gilead. Jehoshaphat, a religious man,…
Ted Camp
August 17, 2020

I Am Here

"Wishing to encourage her young son’s progress on the piano, a mother took the small boy to a concert of the famous pianist, Ignacy Jan Paderewski. After they were seated,…
Ted Camp
August 5, 2020