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God is alive and well on planet Earth. SWMI is experiencing the blessings of God in our ministries around the world. Liberia is a specific example of what God is doing through our foreign mission agency.

I arrived back in the USA on April 3 from my first trip to Liberia this year. On May 17, I returned to Liberia with four other people: Rusty Miller, Monique Lindsey, Carrie Whaley, and Mary Jane Green.

Monique and Carrie
are SWMI missionaries to the country of Liberia. They are on deputation raising
support to return full-time to work with the deaf and others with special needs. They were on their SWMI survey trip, gathering information for their future move to and ministry in Liberia. They also ministered in many different ways, testifying in churches, witnessing in public, singing, teaching sign language, and evaluating programs and teachers. They networked with several other missionaries and nationals. This will be helpful to them in the future. Through observation and talking with people, they learned more about what they will need to take with them to the field. They saw what life in that country will be like.

We were also blessed to have Mary Jane Green, who has many years of experience with these people groups, on our mission trip team. She also had many opportunities for ministry and spent a lot of time with our deaf teachers. She also had several times to teach and to interpret for the deaf.

Rusty Miller also joined us. He was fulfilling his Bible college responsibilities for a summer internship. I was blessed to have Rusty shadow me for four weeks. Day after day I mentored Rusty as he observed, had questions, learned, served, preached, and got involved in ministry opportunities delegated to him. Together, we visited two different facilities that will care for people with special needs. In Ganta City we met several families who had family members with special needs. This was a special time for all of us. It also had a huge impact both on missionaries and national leaders.

I spent a lot of time counseling deaf leaders and national pastors. In several areas, I evaluated opportunities for future deaf ministries and for schools for the Deaf and people with special needs.

God is at work! Please pray for SWMI and for me as we seek to advance the cause of Christ among people who have special abilities, despite incredible disabilities, in obedience to the Great Commission. Please pray for Monique and Carrie also as they raise financial and prayer support for future long-term ministry in Africa.

Thank you so much.

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