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Mark Coleman, pastor of Bethel Baptist Deaf Ministry, in Schaumburg, IL, and I traveled to Liberia, West Africa in March, spending 2 weeks in the capital city of Monrovia and two weeks in the bush area of Ganta City. We visited several deaf schools and talked to Deaf leaders, teachers, and interpreters. We also met with hearing pastors, missionaries, and Bible school students, challenging them with the need to reach the Deaf in their areas. After one specific Biblical challenge from Mark 7, six men and one lady knelt and spoke to God about their newfound burden for the Deaf. When we spoke at a pastor’s fellowship, at least two pastors were moved by the Holy Spirit regarding the need for a deaf ministry.

Jus, our Liberian taxi-driver, also became very burdened for the Deaf as he traveled with us and saw the needs of the Deaf in his country for the first time. Later, he wrote about his new burden for the Deaf. I, David, was able to lead a different hearing taxi driver to the Lord on a 5-hour taxi drive from Monrovia to Ganta City.
In Ganta City, we dedicated the boy’s dormitory for the new deaf school, saw progress on the girl’s dormitory, and discussed plans for developing the land for the purpose of self-sustainability, that is, raising animals and growing crops to feed the students and staff daily. Mark Coleman taught Firm Foundations classes practically every day to the Deaf leaders. He also taught a sign language class to a group of about 10 hearing adults. We both preached twice in a regional ladies’ conference and I preached in a missions conference, besides other speaking opportunities. Many decisions were made for the Lord. Mark and I both had two radio interviews, and I counseled several Christian leaders.

Back in Monrovia, we toured several properties to see about the possibility of starting a deaf school in the capital. One Liberian pastor and his wife have had a burden for the Deaf for over a year now, as a result of seeing our ministry to the Deaf in Ganta City. We talked at length with this couple about this possibility, and we are now praying for God‘s wisdom for this project. SWMI is also in the early stages of planning a Special Needs School in Liberia! Christian teachers will be needed to train Africans in this area.

Mark and I preached 10 times in a four-day period in an evangelistic deaf crusade. Ten Deaf men and three Deaf ladies made professions of faith in Christ! Much work is still to be done. Laborers for a ripe harvest in Liberia are needed. SWMI is raising up a team of missionaries to minister to the Deaf and others with special needs in this needy harvest field. To God be the glory … great things He continues to do!

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