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May 2022


Parable of The Palm Tree

“The righteous will flourish like a palm tree… They will flourish in the courts of God... They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and…
Ted Camp
May 25, 2022
camp fireTCWeekly

No Wood – No Fire

“Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out… where there is no talebearer, the strife ceaseth” (Prov. 26:20). Notice the tongue ignites and the wood incites. But if there…
Ted Camp
May 19, 2022
wedding vowsTCWeekly

I Made A Vow 

This article is not political but practical. Are you aware that 469 seats in the U.S. Congress (34 Senate and all 435 House seats) are up for election this year?…
Ted Camp
May 4, 2022