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Jehovah Needs Not

Jehovah needs not air to breathe,
He lives without a need;
Dependent He has never been,
And naught doth Him precede.

Jehovah needs not ever drink,
For water He’s no need;
And never doth His mouth go dry,
With thirst He doth not plead.

Jehovah needs not food to eat,
His Spirit has no need;
His body never beggeth bread,
He bread doth antecede.

Jehovah needs not ever sleep,
For rest He has no need;
Fatigue doth never God annoy
Nor doth His work impede.

Jehovah needs not, for He’s God,
He lives without a need;
He stands alone, no need doth own,
This truth’s our faith and creed.

© Written by WDB on January 4, 2000 at 8:00 a.m.
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Acknowledgments and references – These books were very helpful with this study. We have tried to give credit to each author when their text has been used. It is also recommended that you obtain their books and study more about the Attributes of God. Naturally, I have kept my notes from many years of my favorite studies which are the “Attributes of God.” Several times in my life I refer to my notes and find myself closer to God after each study. The attributes of God will draw you closer to God as you learn more about Him. If this study has helped you draw near to God then our years of study and time have been well worth it — Ted Camp

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