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SWM is a nonprofit ministry. Sales and donations help print more literature and distribute materials FREE to Deaf people and deaf ministries.
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Specializing in Deaf Ministry
Since 1966

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What’s Happening at SWM?

Spring Fantastic Saturdays!

Free, area-wide, all-day workshops for Deaf people, Deaf ministry workers and hearing people.

Sign The Bible

Bible Lessons Presented in American Sign Language -
Videos to help you know and help you grow.

SWM Events!

Visit our Events page for information about various events.

What Is Silent Word Ministries?

SWM is Baptist in doctrine and practice, fundamental in belief and position, independent in affiliation, and worldwide in mission. SWM is a non-profit ministry “Here to Serve” all who serve Christ in Deaf ministries.

Fantastic Saturday FL 2019 Deaf

Who are Deaf People?

Deaf people are a very misunderstood people group. What makes their culture different and even unique? Learn a Christian ministry perspective as described in a video by Jon Barr (Silent Word Ministries), as well as Deaf History and Heritage from SWM products.


What God Wants You to Know

Who is God? Why are you here? What is sin? Why must you die? What about eternity?
Please read this tract. You will find the answers.

Silent Word Logo 2023