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While visiting Papua New Guinea (PNG), I found a dearth of Biblical ministries to the Deaf. In Port Moresby, I met all the leadership in the deaf club. I communicated with leaders in the deaf world, including one male interpreter with the Seventh-Day Adventists. I asked questions of a teacher from the one deaf school in the country. Here is what I found.

The Seventh-Day Adventists have one ministry with about 25 deaf people. The Jehovah’s Witnesses have one deaf ministry with only a few. In talking with Bible-believing missionaries, I found only three deaf men who have attended Baptist churches through the years.

1) One deaf man was saved years ago through the work of a lady who taught him enough American Sign Language to win him to Christ. Since she passed away, he continues attending church and serving God on the mission compound, but has no one to interpret for him in church.

2) Another village church has one deaf man who attends sporadically, but with an interpreter. His sign language skills are limited although he attended the deaf school for a short time. He carries a Bible he cannot read. Communication with him was difficult, but it was enough to discern that he doesn’t understand the Gospel.

3) A third deaf man has been attending a village church for 10 years. He unlocks and opens the church door before services begin. He turns on the lights before church and turns them off again after the service. He padlocks the door after everyone leaves. I taught him some basic Australian Sign Language, which helped him to communicate a little. However, he still has no teacher.

I was told that no Methodist Church, no Presbyterian Church, nor other churches, denominations, or religions have any work with the Deaf in all of PNG.

I challenged many hearing Papuans with the need to reach deaf people for Christ. There were three men who showed interest in reaching the Deaf, but as yet I do not know of any lasting results.

One pastor in Port Moresby was greatly interested and promised land to build a deaf school and ministry if we would provide human resources and finances. This is a great need and we are taking the first steps, searching for laborers to be trained for deaf ministry in PNG.

Our burden and prayer is for humble laborers to receive training at a deaf church and school in India, then to transfer to PNG to help start a new deaf ministry, first in Port Moresby. We envision doing the same in the cities of Lae and Goroka.

Laborers are needed, both from abroad and from PNG, for the training and future ministry with the Deaf in PNG. Your prayers on behalf of this need are greatly appreciated. If God has spoken to you about this need, we would love to talk to you about the training and vision for deaf ministries in PNG. Please contact David by clicking here.

“If you don’t go, who will?”
“SWMI Reaching the unreached Deaf World”

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