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Thank you for your interest in advertising in The Silent Word Newspaper! Your advertisement helps us send The Silent Word free of charge to subscribers. We are grateful for churches, ministries, and individuals who partner with us to send this unique and helpful newspaper.

Advertising Deadlines – Per Issue

  • January 5 – Jan/Feb
  • March 5 – March/April
  • May 5 – May/June
  • July 5 – July/August
  • September 5 – Sept/Oct
  • November 5 – Nov/Dec

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Ads help us send The Silent Word newspaper free to subscribers. Thank you!

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Ad Sizes and Pricing

Ad Pricing

The Silent Word newspaper is a ministry. Ads help us print and send this newspaper free for subscribers.

Per Issue     Dimensions in Inches (Wide x Tall)*   Click for PDF of Exact Design Sizes and ShapesSample Church Ad

#1 – $225 1/3 page (11.327 x 7) • Best Visibility
#2 – $225 1/3 page (7.516 x 10.688) • Best Visibility
#3 – $175 1/5 page (7.514 x 7.083) • Best Value
#4 – $125 (5.664 x 7.083) • Most Popular
#5 – $125 (3.694 x 10.688) • Vertical Ad
#6 – $125 (11.33 x 3.486) • Good Visibility
#7 – $100 (7.514 x 3.472) • Good Value
#8 – $75 (5.604 x 3.472) • Small, but Effective
#9 – $50 (3.694 x 3.472) • Value Size Ad
Church Ads: $15 (see Church Ad page in The Silent Word newspaper – 6 line limit)

Contact us (below) for more information.

*Actual ad size may vary slightly, depending on ad and location. SWM reserves the right to resize ads to fit available space.

Church Advertisment

Help Others Find Your Church

Local – Travelers – Prayer Partners


Church advertisements help us send The Silent Word newspaper “free” to Deaf people, deaf ministries, and others interested in deaf ministry. Ads include 6 lines, cost $90 per year ($15 per issue), and are renewed annually. Churches must agree with the SWM Articles of Faith.

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Ministry Advertisment

Advertise Your Ministry or Special Events

Revivals – Special Meetings – Schools – Colleges – Camps – More


Ministry advertisements help us send The Silent Word newspaper “free” to Deaf people, deaf ministries, and others interested in deaf ministry. Ad sizes vary (see below), and are invoiced after the first ad is published. Ministries must agree with the SWM Articles of Faith.

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Design Requirements

Two Choices


1. You Create Your Ad

Artwork must be submitted electronically. (Paper or printed artwork may be used in some cases.)

Design Requirements:

  1. JPG format only (no PDF or other formats)
  2. 300 DPI (dots per inch) or better
  3. Correct size (dimensions)
  4. Color and grayscale artwork accepted. Please test print with black ink on your own printer before submitting (print paper is black ink)
  5. Email to SWM

2. SWM Creates Your Ad

Silent Word Ministries can design text advertisements and simple graphic advertisements at no extra charge.

  1. Please submit all information for ad by email or postal mail.
  2. SWM reserves editorial rights on advertisements.
  3. You may want to send a sample ad as a guideline for designing your ad.
  4. You may also request a proof of the ad by email.

Design Recommendations

Design Recommendations

  1. Keep the design simple.  White space attracts attention.
  2. Start with the correct size document (in inches, not pixels).
  3. Avoid underlining.  Use bold or italics instead.
  4. No more than 3 different fonts. Good designs use less fonts.
  5. Font size over 10 points. The smallest recommended font size is 8 points.
  6. Print your design to confirm all elements print as you intended.

Graphic Design Software

  1. Affinity Photo or Designer (Win/Mac) — (SWM Favorite) Powerful for only $50 (2020 price)
  2. Adobe PhotoShop
  3. Gimp — Free — Harder to use, but very powerful
  4. GetPaint — Free

Articles of Faith

Silent Word Ministries is a missionary ministry and mission board dedicated to taking the Gospel to the deaf world  and then teaching in accordance with the Great Commission. We publish and print a ten-year Sunday School program, a Deaf Bible Institute program, manuals to aid deaf workers, books, literature, tracts, and a bi-monthly newspaper. Our teachings are in accordance with Baptist doctrines. Bible verses are from the King James Version.

Financially, we are an approved, nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c)3 organization, independent from any organization or society. We are supported by churches and friends who share our burden to reach the deaf world for Christ. Our policy is to remain debt free and build only as the Lord provides. Because of your gifts and support, many deaf people will hear in Heaven.

Read the SWM Articles of Faith

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