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First, I am thankful for technology that opens many doors of opportunity for our ministry, but sometimes I like things slower and larger, not faster and smaller. Technology! We finally got a GPS. Now there is an unknown voice making our decisions with directions to destinations. When we go wrong, a voice says, “Recalculating.” Ooops! A cartoon had a car crashing over a guard rail while in mid-air a voice said, “Recalculating.” 

Technology! Many homes now have Alexa a voice-control system by Amazon. You just ask or speak and Alexa answers and responds. “Alexa, music.” “Alexa, who is Lincoln?” Recently, I watched national television as a comedian closed saying, “I’ve wanted to do this.” Then he loudly said, “Alexa, lights out.” I visualized homes across America in sudden darkness. Technology! 

My dashboard alert flashed “low tire.” I found a station air pump. Guess what? Instead of an air hose, there was a fancy new $1.50 air machine. I inserted coins but could not make it work. I went to four different stations, and all had the new fancy air machines. I finally went to a mechanic friend, and he used his old-fashioned air hose stating, “Others are also having problems with those fancy air pumps.” Technology! 

Once a secretary had problems with a slow computer simply because she was unsure about pressing the “Are you sure?” button. She stated, “I am just not sure!” Technology! 

Once I called Charter because of a television problem. A foreign voice gave me instructions I could not understand. She asked for a “Yes” or “No” but I asked her questions. Carlene smiled and said, “You are talking to a recording.” Ooops! I then pressed for a real person. It seems I am still a VHS in a DVD world. I do not know much about Blue Tooth, but I do know about Bible truth.

Today, I am very thankful that through all these years God has never changed. “For I am the LORD, I change not” (Mal. 3:6). In this changing world, we still have the same old-fashioned saving unchanging Gospel that changes lives for eternity (2 Cor. 5:17). Our unchanging God is still in the life-changing business. How do I know? Because He changed my life. Good news! He can change your life. Maybe it’s time for you to personally recalculate your decisions, directions and destination! When asked, “Are you sure?,” read John 3:16; 1:12; 14:6 and say, “Yes, I am sure. I believe and receive Christ as my Saviour” (John 1:12). You will learn the old-fashioned, unchanging Gospel still changes lives – Try it! (Rom. 1:16). Then you can then say, “God – Lights On!

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