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What more can we do to reach the Deaf for Christ? Great question! SWMI, like you, has a burden to reach the Deaf world with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of our supporters suggested we produce a 2D animated Gospel cartoon for the Deaf. That’s a great idea, especially since very few cartoons are made for the Deaf in American Sign Language. We did some homework, and the Lord gave us direction and financing to make a cartoon in ASL. Praise the Lord! We have been working on it now for five months. Now we need your prayers! This is a huge project and we still have three months to go. SWMI has contracted two professionals in this field. Please pray for Jonathan and Niall as they work on this project. God has equipped them with the necessary skills. However, this is no ordinary project, because it involves ASL. Drawing signing people and making the sign language flow in 2D animation is a challenge. As you may know, body language, body position, and facial expression are also a part of clear communication with the Deaf. Although it may sound easy, we have discovered that animation is much harder than we anticipated. Any small error in arm or hand position, any distorted hand shape, any wrong facial expression can confuse the most important message in the world: the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Please pray for Jonathan and Niall as well as for Jon Barr and me, David Bennett, as we work on this important project. Pray that we can explain and demonstrate each sign to the artist and animator. Our explanations must be clear! Please pray for the artist and animator that they will draw the signs well. Souls are on the line! Finally, please pray that souls will be saved through this animated cartoon. It should be finished in the fall. We plan to widely distribute it at the 2021 DeafNation World Expo. Thank you very much for your prayers for God’s blessing upon this Gospel production.

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