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Dear SWM Friends,

We Must Face A New Normal – A pastor trained in trauma and grief counseling commented, “The greatest challenge for hurting people is often not the immediate heartache of the loss. Instead, the biggest problem is adjusting to a different kind of life that follows. What was once normal may never be normal again. So the challenge is to assist and help the person to adjust to a ‘new normal.’ It seems our nation, families, churches and ministries must now also adjust to a new normal. Adjust is a must while in God we will trust!

What once was may never be again. So it is a must that we also adjust our ministries to a “new normal.” Naturally, this affects some more than others – Evangelists (no meetings, no income), missionaries (what affects churches affects missions), churches (no assembly), Christian camps (postponed). SWM must now adjust to a new normal. When Joseph faced a famine, he prepared for a new normal (Gen. 41:4-57). SWM has also developed our “Joseph Program” to face our new normal. At this time, as a team of 25 members, we are very busy focusing on and developing our many (low cost) outreach ministries from within our office and homes. Because of COVID-19, many unexpected doors have opened for SWM. We are now able to reach multitudes of deaf people worldwide via social media/email ministries.Deaf people listen with their eyes. It seems that most deaf people, even in foreign countries, have access to these resources. We have the people, abilities, equipment and resources to reach multitudes of deaf people within their culture and language. It is amazing! One online message (never deleted) from Trenton Georgia, starts with a few then it expands into thousands for a worldwide harvest. This is far beyond our expectations. This year we are deafinitely having a great spiritual impact in the Deaf world. Our goal is to evangelize the world (Mark 16:15) and edify (Eph. 4:11-12) the church. Our ministry is always involved in the local church as we could not exist without their support to help us reach deaf people on their behalf. Our 24/7/365 ministry is never locked down. This year we have had 61 reported salvations. The Word of God goes where we cannot. Following is our social media report:

Email Ministries: TC Weekly Articles (Ted Camp) includes subscribers from the Sword of the Lord, Dade Sentinel, devotional books, and Facebook. Daily Devotions: (Jim Bracelin). These email programs are reaching multitudes daily and weekly. We can minister to many from our office. (Subscribe: SilentWord.org/lists).

SWM Evangelism Fund provides “free” materials in five areas: (1) Tract ministry with 23 different tracts, (2) 75 helpful pamphlets for churches,(3) Silent Word Newspaper sent “free”to deaf people, deaf ministries, schools and prisons worldwide.(4) Deaf Bible Institute (DeafBibleInstitute.org) Mail/online free Bible Courses: enrollment – 1,605 deaf students; completed courses – 2,072, (5) Free Literature sent/given to missionaries/pastors(Download or USB).

SWM Online Ministry report (Jon Barr): Since February 24, the new SilentWord.org website had 10,382 views by 2,954 visitors. Our SWM team of Rusty VanDonkelaar (deaf), Allen Snare (deaf), Jon Barr, Jim Bracelin and Ted Camp are preaching, teaching and interpreting church services on Facebook. It is very different watching responses with smiley faces, thumbs-up, hearts or comments as you preach alone to a camera. SWM now has 6,987 Facebook followers. In the last 28 days,SWM video posts have reached39,166people in 45 countries. Also, 22,849 have liked, commented, or shared posts. Our highest single post reached9,399 people. SWM Facebook videos have been viewed for 47,800 total minutes. Some Facebook comments: Thanks for interpreting! – First time I “heard” Allen Snare preach. – Thank you SWM. – Thanks for good sermons. – I’m deaf from Philippines. – Great preaching! It convinced my heart! Excited to watch live stream. Love Sunday School & church services. – My church still has no interpreters. – Amazing what technology does. Note: You can subscribe to social media/email ministries mentioned and other lists: SilentWord.org/lists. To God be the glory – “Great things he hath done” (1 Samuel 12:24).

Pray for recent SWM tornado damage repairs (less than $5,000 deductible so not covered by insurance). SWM was surrounded by water but not flooded. Many surrounding areas were greatly damaged. Pray for prevention and protection for our people during this crisis (James 5:16). While we wait God works.

We are here to serve!”
Ted Camp, Founder

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr praise the Lord that Jon and David Bennett were able to re-film the ASL model for the animated Gospel video project to make it more clear. They are also thankful for the many volunteers that helped with the clean up at the SWM office and at home after the tornado that hit in the area on Easter. Thankfully, the damage was minimal.

Tabitha Beam thanks the Lord for a new supporting church and for God’s protection through a recent tornado. She is also thankful for technology that allows her to stay in touch with family and SWM to continue serving deaf people online.

Jim and Terry Bracelin are thankful for their faithful supporters. They have received letters and calls from several who are checking to make sure they are OK. They praise the Lord that, during this challenging time, their children and grandchildren have found inventive ways to minister to others. Jim and Terry have had the opportunity to interpret for two different churches and to increase their online ministry. In addition, more people have visited Silent Word Ministries by way of social media. (View: SilentWord.org/lists)

Reed and Donna Condra report that their newest grandson, Emmett Wade, was born on Mach 26. Proud parents are Tony and Katie (Condra) Kropf. Reed recently preached at their home church while their pastor was sick, and both he and Donna continue to teach classes/chapel at the Chattanooga Rescue Mission.

Allen Snare thanks God for the opportunity of preaching and teaching online on both Sunday and Wednesdays. He also is thankful he can watch other Deaf and hearing preachers online. He continues volunteering at the SWM office – printing literature, prayer letters, tracts, booklets, pamphlets, and more.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider are excited to report that their daughter, Abigail, recently trusted Jesus Christ as her Savior! They have also been able to move their church services to livestream.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart thank the Lord for safety, a place to stay, and opportunities to sort and plan which things to take to Gabon. Although events and meetings have been canceled, they have chosen to trust and rejoice in the Lord. His ways and timing are always best!

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr ask prayer for direction and wisdom as they consider new means of training and encouraging Deaf people and deaf ministries. Pray for the ministry to be multiplied during the time of social distancing. Pray also for the Lord to call more men to the deaf ministry as missionaries and leaders.

Tabitha Beam asks prayer for God to give her wisdom and to open more doors for her to personally minister in this unusual time of social distancing.

David and Vicki Bennett would appreciate your continued prayers for those working on the animated sign language Gospel video. Pray also for two families to surrender to work with deaf people in Papua, New Guinea.

Jim and Terry Bracelin ask you to pray for SWM missionaries who are under supported and cannot go out to meetings. Pray for safety for the Bracelin family – their three daughters and families are in New York or New Jersey, and their son’s wife is a nurse in a local hospital. Please also pray for the leaders of our nation.

Larry and Diana Galyen request prayer for their son, Benjamin, and his fellow missionaries in the United Kingdom.

Allen Snare requests prayer for his brother-in-law, Samuel, who is now in a nursing home because he cannot move his legs. The cause of this is unknown.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart ask you to pray that their May meetings will not be canceled and that they will have opportunities to share their ministry by way of livestream.

David and Vicki Bennett, Tabitha Beam, and Bruce and Amanda Stuart had planned to minister at the DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas in July. This meeting has been rescheduled for July 2021 due to the pandemic. Please pray for all the preparation for this meeting and for the funds each team member needs to raise.

SWM asks prayer for more laborers, Deaf and hearing, in the home office (especially in technology and maintenance), as missionaries and regional directors, as missionaries on foreign fields, and as workers in Deaf ministries all across America.

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