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ASLI Topics 2021

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RID PINRA CEU Abbreviations: GS – General Studies / PS – Professional Studies
0.1 CEUs are awarded for each hour of workshops attended — Maximum CEUs: 1.2
Attendance certificates also available for other CEU programs.


  • Some speakers only available in Georgia.
  • RID PINRA CEU Abbreviations: GS – General Studies / PS – Professional Studies
  • 0.1 CEUs are awarded for each hour of workshops attended — Maximum CEUs: 1.2
  • Attendance certificates also available for other CEU programs. — Please ask upon arrival.

1 Hour (GS) – The Purpose of Sign Language – (Dr. Ted Camp) From Alice Cogswell to Helen Keller, sign language in America has been a tool to break down the walls of communication and connect people using ideas. As Thomas Gallaudet had the purpose to educate Deaf people so they could “understand the Gospel,” this encouraging lesson will challenge participants to use sign language with greater purpose than just using signs themselves. 

1 Hour (PS) – The Hand Shape of Things – (Jon Barr) Observing Deaf people describing objects and people is very enlightening. Participants will observe, imitate (apply), and discuss the descriptions they see. This simple workshop encourages learning handshapes and visual descriptive signing with a hands-on approach.

1 Hour (PS) – Rephrase It! – (Jon Barr) Signing words limits effective communication in many situations. Participants will learn and practice rephrasing various narratives, sermons, verses, and songs first into simple English, then into clear ASL.

1 Hour (PS) – Explain Bible Words – (Jon Barr) Expansion techniques can greatly enhance interpreting clarity. Participants will learn various tools for researching Bible words, then apply presented methods to expanding the meaning of words such as baptism, repent, new life, gospel, inspiration, lasciviousness, lord, servant, idol, worship, and more. 

1 Hour (PS) – Practice Presenting the Gospel – (Jon Barr) Knowing the Gospel is very different from being able to present the Gospel to another person. Participants will learn and practice various methods of presenting salvation in ASL. Emphasis will be placed on clear, accurate presentations, verse meanings, and gauging understanding by several methods of feedback.

1 Hour (PS) – Church Music Practice Session – (Jon Barr) How can church music presented in ASL evoke emotions and responses similar to those experienced by hearing congregants? This is one of the many challenges of signing church music. Participants will discuss principles for clear music interpretation, then practice the principles in small groups. 

2 Hours (PS) – How Do You Interpret That? – It Depends! (A Summary of the Demand Control Schema for Church Interpreters) – (Jon Barr) Every interpreting situation is different. Factors such as the people involved, attitudes, requirements, environmental situations, and personal situations all affect how something should be interpreted. Participants will discuss the demands placed on them and the controls they can exercise in a variety of situations to determine the best outcome based on the concepts presented.

1 Hour (GS) – The Challenge of the Deaf Ministry – (Allen Snare / Rusty VanDonkelaar – both Deaf, presenting in ASL) If it were easy, everyone would be doing it! Deaf ministry has several unique challenges for churches. Presented from a Deaf perspective, this workshop will encourage Deaf and Hearing participants to become more involved in ministry to Deaf people in the church setting and in the larger Deaf community. 

1 Hour (PS) – Signing Important Verses in ASL – (Jon Barr) Have you noticed how certain verses are often repeated in churches? This is especially true when discussing doctrine. Several principles of ASL and Bible interpretation will be discussed. Participants will apply the principles in small groups as they sign verses related to various Bible doctrines. Care will be given to avoid controversial topics and discussions will be limited to more main-line Bible doctrines.

1 Hour (GS) – More than Sign Language – (Carlene Camp) Deaf Ministry goes far beyond being able to sign correctly. Although ASL grammar elements and Deaf culture are important, learning to see the individuals who are in front of the interpreter adds interpersonal value to deaf ministry and church interpreting settings. This encouraging workshop will share fresh insights and personal stories of Deaf people to help participants look beyond their sign language skills and apply interpersonal skills to their work. 

1 Hour (GS) – DO IT! – (Jon Barr) Learning ASL or the Bible does not mean you can do the things you learn. However, many people are shy or reluctant to apply the lessons learned. Fear of the unknown, of criticism, and of doing things wrong can prevent forward progress. Participants will examine practical steps to using and improving the skills they have learned in these workshops. Workshop participants will formulate a personal plan and give feedback privately through written comments.

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