Come to ASLI / DBC in 2021!


We are planning with YOU in mind. Come enjoy the sweet fellowship and exciting workshops with other Christians.

A Meeting for
Church Interpreters
and Deaf Ministries

Meeting together to learn

So what is the ASL Institute?

ASL Institute (ASLI) is an annual sign language workshop specifically for church interpreters and deaf ministries. Classes are provided all levels of signers from beginner to advanced.

The Deaf Bible Conference (DBC) meets at the same time, in a different room, and provides clear Bible preaching and teaching by Deaf and hearing presenters using ASL.

Where we meet

Three locations to choose From

Trenton, Georgia (July 8-10, 2021)
Holt, Michigan (July 22-24, 2021)
Collegeville, Pennsylvania (August 5-7, 2021)

Register Now

A Program For Everyone! Bring Your Whole Deaf Ministry!

Plan now to attend the Silent Word Ministries Annual ASLI! Signers of all skill levels will benefit from the helpful classes and encouraging services. Learn how to have a better deaf ministry!

Up to 12 Hours of

Instruction and Encouragement


2021 Topics (Begins Thursday Night)

Level 1: Beginners

  • ABCs & 300-500 Signs
  • Introduction to Deaf Culture

Level 2: ASL Basics

  • ASL Grammar Clear Signing

Level 3: ASL Interpreting

  • Rephrase That! – Restructuring and Rephrasing into ASL
  • Hands On Church Music – Practical Practice
  • Explaining Bible Words
  • Signing Important Verses in ASL
  • Practice Presenting the Gospel
  • It Depends? – Demand/Control for Church Interpreters

Description of 2021 ASL Interpreting Topics

Theme: To Be Announced

Deaf Bible Conference is a challenging time of preaching and teaching, especially for Deaf people. Interpreters and hearing people go to ASLI — Deaf people go to Deaf Bible Conference.

  • Bible Messages for the Home
  • Learn to Study Your Bible
  • Make Good Decisions with Bible Principles

Come enjoy the great fun and fellowship.

Conference Schedule

5:30 – 6:30 PM Thursday Registration
6:30 – 9:00 PM Thursday
8:15 AM – 7:00 PM Friday
(Lunch & supper provided. Friday lunch is a “Silent Lunch”…no voices allowed!)
8:15 AM-Noon Saturday


$50 (Any location) – ASLI or DBC
Late Registration: $70 After
July 1 (South) Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
July 15 (Midwest)
July 29 (North) Valley Forge Baptist Temple

Please note: Registration is transferable, not refundable.

Nearby Lodging

Click the map to see local areas and hotels.


Picture of Jon and Diane Barr

Jon & Diane Barr

All locations

Picture of Ted and Carlene Camp

Ted & Carlene Camp

South Only

Picture of Jim & Terry Bracelin

Jim & Terry Bracelin

North & Midwest

Picture of Allen Snare

Allen Snare

South & Midwest (Deaf Bible Conference)

Picture of Reed Condra

Reed Condra

South only (Deaf Bible Conference)

Rusty VanDonkelaar

North only (Deaf Bible Conference)


Topics and speakers may vary in each location.

05:30RegistrationRegistration in Lobby
07:00PreachingOpening Message “The Purpose of Sign Language” – J. Barr
08:00Class“The Hand Shape of Things” – J. Barr – All in Auditorium
09:00 Fellowship & Book Tables
08:15DevotionDevotion – Allen Snare – Everyone In Auditorium
08:30Class“Rephrase That!” – J. Barr111
09:45Class“Signing Difficult Bible Words” – J. Barr222
11:00Class“Practice Presenting the Gospel” – J. Barr3
12:00 Picture – Everyone Together
12:15LunchSilent Lunch (ASL Stories) – NO VOICE!!!
01:15Class“Church Music Practice Session” – J. Barr334
02:30Class“How Do You Interpret That? – It Depends!” 1 – J. Barr445
03:45Class“How Do You Interpret That? – It Depends!” 2 – J. Barr556
05:00Class“Challenges of the Deaf Ministry” – All in Auditorium – A. Snare & J. Barr
06:00SupperVoice & Sign
07:00 See You Tomorrow Morning!
08:15DevotionDevotion – Allen Snare – Everyone In Auditorium
08:30Class“More than Sign Language” – J. Bracelin67
09:45Class“Signing/Teaching Important Verses in ASL” – J. Barr78
11:00Final ClassAnnouncements/Drawing // Closing Message – J. Bracelin
12:00 See You Next Year! – Preregistration Special – $40 – Register Before You Leave!

Enjoy fellowship in a fun and safe learning environment