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A Study Of

ASL Expansion Techniques

Presented by Jon Barr, CT – SWM ASL Institute 2023


Thank you for registering for this course, which was recorded live at the SWM 2023 in Trenton, Georgia. We hope you can attend the next SWM ASL Institute in person.

May the Lord bless you as you learn and grow.

Silent Word Ministries

How To Use This Course

  1. (If you need RID CEUs, please see below before you start.)
  2. Download the PDF Notes
  3. View each video in order, following the notes
  4. Practice the content as if you were in the live class

CEUs for Certified Interpreters

RID CEUs – Self-Study PINRA CEUs are available through Interpretek.com

From the Interpretek.com website:   Interpretek is proud to be an approved sponsor for the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf’s Certification Maintenance Program. If you are in need of CEUs for yourself or need an RID Approved Sponsor for your activity, please call 888.273.0277 or email mrizzolo@interpretek.com.

Honor System

Please do not share this link or any portion of these videos with others. Naturally, we want to honor others who paid to attend this workshop.


1 – Introduction & Contrasting

Using Opposites or Showing Differences

2 – Faceting

Series of Synonyms to Provide More Detail or to Emphasize a Particular Meaning

3 & 4 – Reiteration & 3-D Space

Repeating a Sign, or Series of Signs, for Emphasis

Using Space to Set Up Nouns and Pronouns to Show Physical Relationships

5 – Explain by Examples

List of Nouns or Verbs to Clarify, Elaborate, or Explain an Idea More in Depth

6 – Describe then Do

Action is First Described, Then Acted Out in First Person

7 – Contexting

Define by Description, Analogy, or Function

8 – Wrap Up & Practice

Putting it All Together