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Years ago we had two dogs. One was big, named OZ, and the other was small, named, Buffy. They were different, but they became good friends. Soon Buffy was a bad influence on OZ. Buffy taught OZ to kill chickens. So we got another dog, an American Bulldog, Guess what! Buffy then taught OZ, and then OZ taught the new dog to kill chickens. Then both OZ and the new dog killed our goat. We separated the three dogs but it was a lot of trouble. So we gave two dogs away and kept only one. We kept OZ, the German Shepherd dog. We learned that Buffy was a big trouble maker and taught his friends his bad habits. His influence was bad for all the others. This taught me a lesson about good and bad friends.

I learned that I do not want a friend as Buffy. Be careful and choose friends who can help you – not hurt you. Choose your friends wisely. The Bible says, “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion (friend) of fools shall be destroyed” (Prov. 13:20). Walk with wise people, and you will become wise. Walk with fools and you will become a fool. Wrong friends can hurt your testimony and influence for Christ. I learned that if you do right, soon your bad friends will leave you. Seek good Christian friends. Do not become friends of worldly people with bad habits, who will pull you into the world. Seek good friends!

Worldly people will make fun of Jesus and the Bible. They will go to Deaf clubs and worldly parties. They will communicate with dirty bad language and jokes. They will go to bad places. Do not join with them. Walk away from bad friends. Drop your bad friends and change your life to live right. Don’t have bad friends as Buffy, who influenced two other dogs to do wrong. Deaf can have good friends who love the Lord. Thank God for good godly friends!

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