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The next Deaflympics has been announced. The Deaflympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan, in November, 2025. SWMI will be there! SWMI will be taking a team to Tokyo.

The focus of this missions trip is evangelism. Once again we have the opportunity to give the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost Deaf people from around the world! This is a great opportunity.

SWMI took evangelistic teams to both Taiwan in 2009 and to Bulgaria in 2013. At the Deaflympics in Taiwan, 10,000 Gospel DVDs were distributed, 43,000 tracts were distributed, and 21 people professed faith in Christ. Our team saw 12 people make professions of faith in Christ at the Bulgarian Deaflympics. The salvation of precious souls, Deaf and hearing, is worth every sacrifice made, ever since the first sacrifice was made by Christ on Calvary’s cross.

In 2017, the Deaflympics were hosted by the country of Turkey, where 2873 deaf athletes from 86 different countries participated. It is my opinion that there will be more Deaf present in Tokyo than were present in Turkey. Family and friends of Deaf athletes will also number in the thousands. Besides that, there will be a large number of support personnel, including: Team Managers, Assistant Team Managers, Assistant Sport Managers, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Trainers, Medical Personnel, Physiotherapists, Administrative Assistants, and Interpreters. SWMI team members are needed for Tokyo 2025! Does that include you?

We will need 20 to 30 godly people who are dedicated witnesses for Jesus Christ. Those who know sign language will have opportunities to communicate with deaf people from all over the world. Those who do not know sign language will have opportunities to speak with hearing people in English, pass out tracts, and help in different ways.

I have already been in contact with deaf and hearing people in Japan. Prayer, brainstorming, and plans are already underway. I trust you will make your plans to join us also, in prayer, in giving, or even in joining our team! You are invited to come and go with us!

Here is a testimony from a team member who served with our team in Bulgaria. “My team of eight distributed Gospel materials at the basketball gymnasium, the track & field stadium and the wrestling venue. We were able to supply six basketball teams with the Welcome Tract and the sign language DVD ‘Good News for the Deaf.’ Cherryl gave a tract to a young Chinese woman who sat by her. The Chinese coach asked through gestures what Cherryl was giving to his deaf athlete. She showed him. He took a stack of DVDs and ensured that each team member received one! The next day, Cherryl had the same opportunity with the Chinese men’s team! Minutes later, they learned that they were at the wrong venue.”

Will you go? Will you support? Will you pray?

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