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Before you go fishing, you must prepare to catch fish. You need the right equipment, the best spots on the water, and the right bait or lure for the kind of fish you want to catch. Before you ever arrive at the water you have done many things to become ready to fish. In the same way, if you want to help and encourage your friends to understand why Jesus came and see them receive the gift of eternal life from Jesus, you need to do some work preparing yourself. As the Director of Outreach, I am always trying to think of ways we can reach out farther and in better ways with the Gospel. I love that SWM has printed over 2 million tracts telling others about Jesus Christ. SWM has this newspaper that introduces Jesus to Deaf people who have never heard about Him before. SWM has missionaries who travel all over the world meeting Deaf people who need to know Jesus. SWM has posted many videos for the Deaf (and Hearing) clearly explaining different parts of the Bible so the Deaf can understand clearly. SWM posts on Facebook LIVE and through other social media platforms to get the Word of God to Deaf people. SWM has groups attending Deaf Nation Expo with the desire to reach many Deaf with good literature and a face-to-face presentation of the Gospel message. SWM has many years of Sunday School materials in print, which provide good, trusted materials for churches that are interested in Deaf ministry. SWM desires to “reach out” to the Deaf and Hearing worlds with the precious Gospel of Jesus. However, SWM needs your help! Partner with SWM by using The Silent Word newspaper, SWM tracts, SWM literature to reach out to others with the Gospel and Bible materials. View YouTube.com/user/SilentWordMinistries to see many SWM Bible teaching and preaching videos. These tools can help you go into your world with the Gospel and the Word of God. We would love to have you partner with us! Contact SWM today to get the materials you need for outreach. One can do much, but many can do much more.

If you need my assistance, I am here to help you with the right tools to go fishing for the Deaf! – JB If you would like to contact Jim, click here.

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