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In the past two months, there have been several funerals that my husband has been asked to preach. During this time, we go to visit the families who have lost one of their family members, to encourage them. Sometimes the best thing to do is to sit, be still, and listen. We cry together with them. We laugh with them. They share precious memories of their time with the one who has died. This is all a part of the healing process.

We have also met people who were very depressed about the price of gas and food becoming more expensive. Everything is very expensive and there is a fear of not having enough money to get the things they need. During those times, we sat still and listened about their concerns. Our hearts have been burdened for dear friends in Ukraine and all that is happening there. We pray for a hedge of protection around them. We pray for God to help them by providing food and water, and by calming their fearful hearts. Truly as we look around, there is much to be fearful or depressed about. We can let our emotions control us and let these things fill our hearts with fear, or we can look to Jesus.

We must run to the Word of God daily for our hope, peace, and safety. God’s Word is the anchor for our souls (Psalm 119:164-165). Start your day praising the Lord. Thank Him for three things He did for you yesterday. Begin in a positive way, and look for blessings throughout the day. Do something to encourage another person and don’t look for praise when doing it. Lift up another person. Most importantly, smile! Be friendly and let Jesus shine out of your life. Let Him be seen on your face! There is someone close to you who needs to be encouraged. You may pass someone today who has no hope or peace. Be ready to show them the love of Jesus. Now is the time to be a positive witness. Do it today! It may be their last day, or your last day. Don’t put it off!

Be a positive blessing today!

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