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This means that you should be ready to witness wherever you are. The following is a good illustration. Many years ago, when I was the pastor of a Hearing church, Ted and Carlene Camp (SWM) came to our church to teach Sign Language and conduct a Fantastic Saturday. While there, Carlene wanted to eat at a good Mennonite Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant. We drove to Lancaster and went into a restaurant that we had never eaten in before. Terry, Carlene, and I had gotten our food, and were waiting for Ted to come back to the table. Finally, he came to the table and said, “Jim, come quick!” I followed Ted to a back room that had about 100 Deaf people having a fellowship. Ted introduced himself to them and got the pastor’s name and address and sent them The Silent Word newspaper.

Thirty years later I was sitting in a Deaf Men’s Retreat in Tennessee when a group of Deaf men from Pennsylvania entered the room. I recognized one of the men, so I asked if they would like to have a Deaf Bible Study when we all returned home. They agreed. We have been meeting every other week for a year now. We just found out that these men learned about the Deaf Men’s Retreat because they read the advertisement for it in The Silent Word newspaper. One of the men attended the church of the pastor that Ted met in that restaurant almost thirty years earlier! I have had the privilege of teaching these men in this Bible Study because Ted began sending this newspaper to this church. Little did he know that this Bible Study would have come out of that one act. It reminds me that the “little things” we do can make a “big difference” when God is in it. Do what you can for God today. You have no idea what a difference it will make thirty years from now! I want to reach someone else by doing the “little things” for God! Will you do what you can for God today? He will take what you give Him, and make it something amazing!

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