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Author: Mark the nephew of Barnabas and a helper to Paul (Acts 12:25). When you think of the Gospel of Mark, think of Jesus Christ and His many Acts of Service.

Mark is the “Book of Jesus Christ, the Serving Savior.” Through service to man, Jesus fulfilled service to God. The story of the healing of a deaf man is just one example that shows Jesus Christ as God’s Servant (Mark 7:31-37). When people brought the deaf man to Jesus, the first thing Jesus did was to take him aside from the crowd (and away from all those curious eyes). Alone with the man, Jesus used simple sign language, which was easy to understand. Jesus put his fingers into his ears (“You don’t hear?”). He spat (“You are tongue-tied? You don’t form words?”). He touched his tongue (“You don’t talk?”). He looked up to Heaven (“There is your help!”). And, He sighed (“I love you.”). Jesus communicated to the Deaf man in signs.

Simple signs are still used in talking to deaf persons who have minimal language skill (and when meeting deaf persons who use foreign sign languages). I believe that Jesus’ simple signs were enough for the deaf man to understand and to respond to Jesus’ love. In a triple miracle, Jesus opened the man’s ears, loosed the string of his tongue, and gave him ability to talk (without years of study). The deaf man’s needs were met by Jesus, God’s Servant. Jesus understands all languages, including Sign Language.
Leaders and followers should all be servants.
“Let’s learn to serve others as Jesus served!”

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