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Prayer Letter

Country ChurchPrayer Letter

March-April 2020

March/April 2020 SWM Prayer Letter Dear Friends, As we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ we joyfully proclaim that He is risen – He is risen indeed! Exciting…
Jim Bracelin
March 27, 2020
New Plant GrowingPrayer Letter

February–March 2020

February – March 2020 SWM Prayer Letter & Ministry Report Dear Friends, “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof...” (Ecclesiastes 7:8). At SWM, the new year…
Jon Barr
February 27, 2020
HandshakePrayer Letter

January-February 2020

Goodbye 2019 - Hello 2020. Goodbye 365 days, 12 months, 52 weeks, 8,760 hours, and 525,600 seconds. Hello New Year! As I begin this new year, I am reminded that…
Ted Camp
January 27, 2020
Prayer Letter

November-December 2019

November/December 2019 SWM Prayer Letter Dear Friends, Bless! The word is often said in churches. “God bless you” is said after someone sneezes. Some people even respond to “How are…
Jon Barr
November 27, 2019