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Things That Come With Christ

(Condensed from SWM BB07). “But, beloved, we are persuaded better things of you, and things that accompany salvation” (Heb. 6:9). Good News! At the time you receive Christ, you may…
Ted Camp
June 9, 2023

The Son-Rise Service

As others, I also condensed and modified this popular illustration to relate to Easter. “A very wealthy man who was a renowned art collector died. His estate and art collection…
Ted Camp
April 5, 2023
Niagra FallsTCWeekly

The Falls of Forgiveness

My ministry has taken us many places. We saw the Red Wood Forest of California with gigantic trees. Unbelievable! We hiked the Grand Canyon. We stayed overnight at Phantom Ranch.…
Ted Camp
March 31, 2023

He is who He said He is

Notice that as Jesus spoke to the woman at the well, He openly stated for the first time that He is the Promised Messiah. For thousands of years Israel looked…
Ted Camp
March 23, 2023