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Christmas and Easter are the two most celebrated days in Christianity.  How did they begin? Both celebrations were adapted from two annual pre-Christ world celebrations of two major annual nature events. One annual nature event celebrated December 21, the shortest day of the 360 day year. (Later the 365 new calendar with five new days changed the date from the 21st to the 25th). The world celebrated December 25th as the “new beginning” of longer days and more life. Historically, the next world celebration was the annual worship of Ester the sun goddess of dawn (later changed to Easter). In those days the “rabbit” represented fertility, and the “egg” was a symbol of new life. This is why we traditionally buy chocolate rabbits and hide Easter eggs. Later Christians wanted to celebrate the two greatest events in Christianity, so they chose these two existing world-wide celebrations. Christians chose these two worldly celebrations to celebrate the two greatest spiritual events in Christianity. Note: The dates of the birth and death of Christ only represent the events of Christmas and Easter. At first, December 25th was called Christ-mass (Catholics). Later it was changed to Christmas.

(1) CHRISTMAS: Each year, Christians celebrate the “birth” of Jesus the Son of God, and the Lord and Saviour who brings new life and eternal hope to this world. In His virgin birth Jesus was the “Son” of God. In life Jesus was the “Servant” of God. On the cross Jesus was the “Sacrifice” for our sin. In the grave, Jesus became our “substitute” for death. Living He loves us and dying He saves us!

(2) EASTER: Each year, Christians celebrate the resurrection of their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. In the “resurrection,” Jesus became the living eternal “Saviour!” Easter, Springtime of mother nature, is the perfect time to celebrate the “resurrection” of Jesus Christ. The deadliness of wintertime is past, and new life springs forward.

So this is why Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter. Only Christianity has a virgin born Son of God and only Christianity has a risen living Saviour. Christianity is not a religion, but a “relationship” with a risen living Saviour and the coming King of Kings and Lord of Lord. This is the true meaning of Christmas and Easter.   

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