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Deaf Poems

Complete In Him

By January 19, 2021No Comments

“Complete In Him”

Colossians 2:10

{c} Mary Yingling, 2003

God chose to make us like we are
And we are quite unique;
You see, we use our eyes to hear,
And use our hands to speak.

Our world is different from yours,
We hear no sound or voice;
But we’re content to live this way
Because it is God’s choice.

God has a work for us to do —
His witness we’re to be
To others in our silent world,
The others just like we.

Not everyone can reach these folks,
Few really understand.
You have to think just like we think;
It takes a special brand.

Christ died upon the cross for us,
Just as He died for you;
And when our life on earth is done,
We’ll be in Heaven, too.

We’ll hear angels sing their songs;
We’ll sit at Jesus’ feet.
We’ll hear Him say, “Well done.”
In Him we’ll be complete.

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