Good News! The Deaf Bible Institute has a new upgrade!

What is the Deaf Bible Institute?

The Deaf Bible Institute (DBI) is a free systematic Bible study program only for Deaf adults and Deaf teens. The DBI teaches sound Bible doctrine and principles. Available online or by postal mail, this program will help Deaf people learn more about the Word of God conveniently at home or church.

Hundreds of deaf people have enrolled and say, “It is just like Bible college.” Register to enroll today!

How It Works

Individual Study Program

    1. REGISTER to enroll in the SWM Deaf Bible Institute Program. You must enroll to receive certificates.
    2. Choose a course.
    3. View the lesson page or download the PDF.
    4. Take the test. You will immediately see your grade. Your grade will also be sent to the DBI Supervisor at Silent Word Ministries.
      • If your score is 70% or higher, your passing grade will be recorded at the DBI office.
      • If your score is 69% or lower, you can study again and retake the test.

Pass all lessons in a course to receive a certificate of completion.

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Deaf Bible Institute Certificate


You may continue with any course you have not yet studied.

If you have already finished courses 1-4, you may study again, but you will not receive certificates the second time.

Learn and Grow

Begin Studying the Bible

The Old


Course 1 Has 5 Lessons

The New


Course 2 Has 5 Lessons



Course 3 Has 5 Lessons



Course 4 Has 5 Lessons



Coming soon! Please, check back later.

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