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The Bible tells us to pray at all times. “Be careful for nothing, but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests (prayers) be made known unto God” (Phil. 4:6). Sometimes as I stand in line at stores, I pray. Before I eat, I pray. It does not matter if I am alone. I am praying and being thankful to God. My uncle, John R. Rice, prayed daily for a list of over 200 names. Daniel was a good example of a man who prayed to God. He prayed three times a day. He did not let anything stop him from his prayer time with God. He had a place and time to pray. You can pray at any time (Psa. 55:17).

You can pray about your problems and sorrows. You can pray about your fears and discouragement. You can pray for others who are sick and in need. Pray for America. Pray for missionaries. Pray for pastors. Pray for people to be saved. Pray for your church. Pray for friends. Pray for your family. Pray for things. Pray for health. Pray for other countries to open doors for deaf people to be saved. Deaf people have the habit of talking, talking, and talking. We love to talk. But we should also take time to talk, talk and talk some more with God. He understands Sign Language. I want to learn to rejoice at all times (Phil. 4:4), to be thankful at all times (Eph. 5:20), and to pray at all times (Col. 1:3). I can and so can you!

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