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Did you know there are Deaf in Afghanistan? The capital city, Kabul, has a School of the Deaf, established in 2003, and directed by Abdul Ghaffar. Abdul is both deaf and blind. According to Abdul, there are over 600 boys and girls in this school, with classes from kindergarten to 12th grade. Of the 44 teachers in the school, 22 teachers are Deaf. Some graduated from this school and are now teaching others. The goal of the school is to teach reading, writing, and other skills to help the children support themselves and their families. Most parents cannot communicate with their children. The Deaf School allows students to learn together and not feel isolated. The school also conducts workshops to help parents better understand their children. Life can be difficult in a poor country such as Afghanistan, especially for Deaf people. Many Afghans wrongly think the Deaf are mentally handicapped. Boys are often forced to work on farms or in factories, and girls are considered “unmarriageable.” During an interview, Joel Barrish (president of DeafNation, Inc.) asked Rohullah, a Deaf Afghan man, what he would like to see happen in the future of his country. Rohullah said more schools for the Deaf are needed, and interpreters for Deaf people need to be trained to assist with communication. Rohullah also hopes that in the future there will be more support and resources available across the country. Editor’s Note: Afghan Deaf also need to learn the Good News about Jesus Christ! Please pray that God will open doors for the Gospel to reach Afghan Deaf people.

Resources: Mountain2Mountain.wordpress.com, YouTube video by Nigel Walker, joelbarish.com/coffee-with-joel/deaf-afghanistan

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