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“Come over and help us,” cried Deaf folks from Greece,
“We’re helpless and hopeless – our souls seek for peace.
“Come over and help us,” cried Sofia’s Deaf,
“We sit on the brink of Hell’s pit, facing death!”

“Come over and help us!” from Mexico rings.
Fly promptly, fly quickly, on Spirit-filled wings.
Yes, leave all the comforts and pleasures of home,
To fly with God’s message to Athens and Rome.

“Come over and help us; to us Truth extend;
Will you not to us an Ambassador send?”
Deaf souls wait in darkness in Spain and Saipan,
As well as in China, Nepal, and Japan.

“Come over and help us!” from Africa comes;
The more you delay – it more dangerous becomes!
Deaf people are hurting in Thailand and France;
Go now with the Gospel and give them a chance!

“Come over and help us,” the Deaf people cried,
“Come over and help us – some already died!”
“Come over and help us before it’s too late!
Oh, why do you linger and make us to wait?”

“Come over and help us!” O, heed now their plea;
God’s peace, yea, eludes them without Calvary.
God’s love and true joy are to them still unknown
As long as Good Seed in their hearts is not sown.

“Come over and help us!” – Ripe now is the wheat;
Go enter the harvest with beautiful feet!
Lo, millions of Deaf still need someone to tell
Of Christ and salvation, of Heaven and Hell!

“Come over and help us,” cried Deaf in Mumbai,
“Do you who are Christians not care if we die?
Come over and help us; yes, teach us God’s Word
Since most of us here have His Truth never heard.”

“Come over and help us!” rings out ‘round the earth;
O what is a Deaf soul to you really worth?
Morocco – Zimbabwe – Sri Lanka – Brazil –
The cries of the Deaf come from everywhere still!

“Come over and help us!” cry Deaf in Taipei,
“Come over and love us, yea, show us the Way!”
My friend, are YOU DEAF to the cries of the lost?
Invest in their souls – counting worthy the cost!

© Written by David Bennett initially in Sofia, Bulgaria while on a survey trip, but finished in Siliguri, West Bengal, India on January 4, 2013 while on a Training Mission.

Compare Acts 16:9. Meter:

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