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“Deaf Souls Wait in Heathen Darkness”

Deaf souls wait in heathen darkness,
Waiting for God’s hope and light;
Who will go and preach the Gospel
Which can lead them out of night?

Deaf folks find no satisfaction
In the things this world affords;
Thus they need to hear of Jesus
And of His divine rewards.

Deaf are also lost forever
If they trust not Jesus Christ,
If they hear not of Mount Calv’ry
Where He paid their sin’s dread price.

Deaf are deaf in heart and spirit,
Still some one must go and tell
Every deaf soul of salvation
Lest they all be doomed to Hell.

Deaf around this world are waiting
For someone to help them know
How to have their sin forgiven;
Who, O who, will up and go?

© Written by WDB on September 29-30, 2007 in Bristol, Virginia.

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