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Get Involved in Outreach at an Amazing Event with Thousands of Deaf

Mission Trip – DeafNation World Expo

The DeafNation World Expo (DNWE) is coming back to Las Vegas in 2022! Thousands of deaf people will converge again on Las Vegas for this huge secular event. What an opportunity it is to meet deaf people from around the globe!

SWM International is planning to have three booths there, where a team of Deaf and hearing believers can witness of Jesus Christ and give the Gospel to thousands of Deaf and hearing people.

In 2010, 2012, and 2016, the DeafNation World Expo had over 50,000 people total register for the three events.

SWMI distributed approximately 40,000 Gospel DVDs, and many thousands of Gospel tracts, while witnessing verbally or visually to many folks of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

A total of 148 people made professions of faith in Jesus Christ in Las Vegas during the last three events! Others were saved later as a result of our Gospel tracts and DVDs. Praise the Lord! Help us do it again!

Thai girls in Las Vegas
Man witnessing at DeafNation World Expo

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This outreach event is led by David Bennett, SWM International Director. Our team is interviewed and prayerfully chosen for the benefit of the outreach event and individual team members. For more information, contact David Bennett (use this form).

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