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A one-time gift for Silent Word Ministries. Help us continue the work to which God has called us – giving the Gospel to Deaf people, then teaching and training them.

Monthly Support

Become a monthly supporter of our unique missionary ministry to Deaf people.

Senders Club

Give $10 every month specifically to help send the Silent Word Newspaper to thousands of Deaf people. The newspaper is published every 2 months — 6 times a year.


Give non-cash gifts such as paper, equipment, office furniture, computers, video equipment, etc. Please contact our office for more information.

Planned Giving

Remember SWM in your will. For example, the Merrill Chapel was built with matching funds from the estate of a Deaf-blind couple who named SWM in their will.
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Donate to SWM

Our missionary ministry relies upon churches and friends who share our desire to “go into all the [Deaf] world,” preaching the Gospel and teaching and training others. One of our main areas is literature. Equipment, supplies, manpower, and finances are required to produce literature and DVDs. Our goal is to keep costs low.

Income from sales is put back into producing more materials. We have been blessed over the years with financial contributions and donations of equipment and supplies. Some have given toward special projects such as computers or video lighting. Others have donated working computers, monitors, printers, paper, or other needs. Here are some of the ways you can help by giving.

Donate to Silent Word Ministries

SWM is an approved 501(c)3, nonprofit, missionary organization. Donations are tax deductible, will be receipted to postal address, and will be used in reaching and teaching the Deaf World.

Thank you for supporting our unique, missionary ministry to the Deaf.

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