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As I had my devotions, I was puzzled when the Lord told the blind men to be silent and tell no one what He did, but they did the opposite. “And their eyes were opened; and Jesus straitly charged them, saying, See that no man know it. But they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country” (Matt. 9:31-31). He said don’t and they did. I noticed this several other times in Scriptures. Each time, it produced the same results – “Don’t,” and they “did.” It seems if you tell someone “don’t,” they instantly want to do it. You say, “It’s a secret so don’t tell anyone.”

As one person said, “Listen good the first time, because I promise not to repeat it!” This works with children. Tell them “Don’t” and they want to do it. They don’t do the dos but do the don’ts. Other “don’t” examples: “Don’t touch – wet paint.” “Don’t walk on grass.” “Don’t date that girl or boy.” “Don’t watch that TV program.” “Don’t text and drive.” “Don’t forget to fasten seat belt.” Don’t play in the road.”

One man said, “Up till ten years old I thought my first name was “Don’t.” God told Adam “Don’t” eat of the fruit of the one tree. What happened? Adam did it! Sometimes as I am drive, I see a dead animal splattered on the road. I quickly say, “Don’t look!” What does everyone in the car do? They look! Ugh! It seems “don’t” creates a strange “desire.” Was the Lord using reverse psychology, or did He just know human nature? Selah! Don’t and they do it! Then I thought, what if we used don’t as the Lord?

What if all husbands said, “Don’t fix fried chicken, biscuits and gravy.” What if wives said, “Don’t help with dishes.”What if missionaries said, “Don’t pray for me! “Don’t support me!?” What if pastors said, “Don’t come to church”? “Don’t tithe.” “Don’t love one another.” Well the title of this article is, “Don’t read this article.” Did you read it? Ah ha! My point is made! One man apologized because he tried not to read it but he did. So I now tell you Christians, “Don’t witness to others about Christ.” “Don’t be a blessing.” “Don’t serve God.” Don’t go to church.” “Don’t be faithful.” “Don’t pray.” “Don’t read your Bible.” Don’t do it! Well, I close with this final “don’t.” If you are without Christ, “Don’t, don’t, don’t be saved!” “Don’t believe and receive Christ” (John 1:12). Well, did you do it anyway? If you did, I forgive you and so does the Lord. Now, “Don’tDon’t tell others!” Don’t do it!

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