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Email Reminder of Conference

It is wise to keep the conference before your people. This is an exciting time! This is an exciting conference. Your people need to feel the excitement and emotion in the air. This starts at the top, with the pastor.

I suggest doing as this pastor has done, reminding everyone, not only from the pulpit, but also in an email, about the conference. Remind your people of the dates and time, as well as other announcements in regards to activities and banquets. Take advantage of modern technology to be faithful to annual missions conference and its program.

Here is one example of an email sent out by one pastor the day in which their conference began.

Dear Southside Baptist Church Family and Friends,

Just a reminder that our annual Faith promise Missions Conference starts tonight Wednesday March 4th at 7PM.
Our theme: From the Cross, Through the Church, to The World.
Your heart will be blessed and challenged each night.
If your Sunday School Class is hosting the evening meal, be sure to come and bring a soft drink and dessert. Meal time is 5PM.
Remember a change this year: Saturday 8AM the Family Breakfast in the Family Life Center.
The Conference Banquet is at 5PM in the Family Life Center. Please bring dessert and soft drink. The meal for the Breakfast and Banquet is provided.

Make sure you plan to be in the services all week through Sunday PM as you will enjoy the presentations from the missionaries and the good Biblical preaching from Dr. Bud Calvert as he challenges us regarding Faith Promise Missions as well as our relationship to the Lord.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!!!

God Bless,
Pastor & Mrs. Walters

PS: Fellows, be sure to sign up for the golf outing on Friday. Tee time is 8:30 AM. The weather is going to be just right.

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