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COVID-19 • Shelter in Place • Safety Daily News Briefings • Face Masks

Have you become tired of these words? Early in the pandemic many people viewed TVs, smart phones, and computer screens for daily updates. Even our small town of Trenton had a local report daily. Facebook became a news channel for many reports. It seems that people are now beginning to accept the “new normal” and are considering what is truly essential in the days ahead.

The word essential means highest importance (examples: hospitals, grocery stores, housing). Food, shelter, and medical care are important, but spiritual needs are also essential. Spiritual needs have not changed, but have increased during the pandemic. The Bible still has the answers. The Gospel is still the priority. “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed” (Romans 13:11).

SWM Online Ministry – Early in the pandemic, an essential need appeared. Very few churches provided sign language interpreting. Deaf people were left without help and contacted SWM asking where they could view church online. Immediately SWM began posting links to churches with online interpreters at SilentWord.org and began a weekly Bible study for the Deaf. SWM’s Jim Bracelin continued posting daily devotions and weekly Bible lessons for the Deaf. SWM began interpreting church services online. Deaf people began contacting SWM for spiritual help. We helped personally and also sent SWM pamphlets and booklets to help these needs. During the pandemic, SWM has been an essential ministry, helping Deaf people and deaf ministries locally, nationally, and internationally. Deaf ministry is now more essential than ever! New areas of ministry are opening.

Eagle Soar – SWM area wide Fantastic Saturdays provide essential training to encourage deaf ministries, deaf people and ministry workers in selected cities. Since COVID-19 limited gatherings, SWM began a new online “Eagle Soar” program to help and train. Fantastic Saturdays will continue, but this new program helps more deaf ministries grow, improve and soar as an eagle. The SWM mission team has posted online lessons, skits, children’s songs, and more. These videos have already reached thousands of Deaf and hearing people worldwide (top foreign countries reached include India, Philippines, Peru, Canada, United Kingdom, Colombia, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Egypt. Many deaf ministries have been helped with interpreting, Bible teaching, and more. Eagle Soar, Season 1, ends August 1, but remains online to be reviewed any time. Look for Season 2 in several months. View:


COVID-19 has helped many people realize that the most important things are not things. The Silent Word is dedicated to Deaf people and desires to help all know the most important things: life, forgiveness, eternal life, and peace. Contact us for essential spiritual help from God’s Word and deaf ministry help in your area. Contact Jon by clicking here.

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