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“Every Christian Ought to Go”

Every Christian ought to go
With the gospel seed and sow,
And the love of Jesus show
To all the world. (Repeat)

Refrain: We must tell them of the Saviour
Who for them was crucified;
Tell them of His grace and favor
And of peace He doth provide.

Every Christian ought to tell
Till the Word on earth shall swell,
Till the lost have heard of Hell,
And Heaven, too. (Repeat)

Refrain: They all need to hear of Jesus
For their death is imminent;
They must know that Jesus frees us
When of sin we do repent.

Every Christian ought to give
Spread the news God doth forgive
So that souls may one day live
Forevermore. (Repeat)

Refrain: We should give up worldly pleasures
And invest in souls today;
We should always lay up treasures
Which will never fade away.

© Written by WDB.
May be sung to the tune of “Everybody Ought To Know”.

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