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“Every Home”

Our Lord said, “Every Creature,”
How dare we disobey?
The message must be taken,
Then let us speed away.
The Gospel must be published,
And put in every home,
Oh, hasten then and seek them…
Wherever they may roam.

We may not go in person,
But we can give and pray.
The printed page will tell them,
Of Christ the Truth, the Way.
Then let us put our money,
Where it will count the most.
The message is God’s method,
His power – the Holy Ghost.

Within our generation,
The story must be told.
For millions are still waiting,
Outside the Saviour’s fold.
Then let us speed His coming
By doing what He said.
The multitudes are longing…
For Christ – the Living Bread.

© Written by Missionary Dan Truax.
May be sung to the tune of “Stand Up, Stand up for Jesus.”

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