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“Every Sinner Ought to Know”

Every sinner ought to know
Of the Christ Who loves them so,
And to Cal-va-ry did go
To save their souls. (Repeat)

Refrain: All the world should hear of Jesus,
Hear of mercy and His grace;
Jesus shed His blood so precious
So that men would Him embrace.

Every sinner ought to hear
Of salvation loud and clear,
Every sinner far and near
Should hear of Christ. (Repeat)

Refrain: He will save them from destruction,
He will save their soul from Hell;
He doth offer free salvation:
But someone must go and tell.

Every sinner ought to see
Jesus Christ in you and me
As we serve Him faithfully
With all our heart. (Repeat)

Refrain: Men should see Christ makes a difference,
That new creatures we’ve become;
We should lead them to repentance
And to Jesus bid them come.

© Written by WDB.
May be sung to the tune of “Everybody Ought To Know.”
Meter: Refrain

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