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We just had a wonderful weekend with all of our grandchildren. Each year we plan to go camping as a family. We go with my parents, three sisters, and their families. We plan it for the same weekend every year, so all know to save the date. Some years, only a few can come, but this year we had forty-four family members come throughout the weekend. Jim and I have eleven grandchildren (right now – soon to be thirteen). Along with their cousins, we had twenty-two children! All of these precious little ones are very special with their own personalities. But the one thing that I truly cherish is the love they show each other. When the different families arrived, each one came running to hug each other! For my parents, it was a bit confusing to remember all of their names as they were running around. At the end of each day, we built a campfire. We sat around and made “S’Mores,” which was a treat for many. Children sat on chairs together or in an adult’s lap. Couples held hands. Hugs and kisses were given when it was time for bed for the children.

My mind immediately thought of the verse, Mark 10:13. “And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them.…” Not only do children need that special touch, but adults do too! My heart is thrilled when our children or grandchildren come to give me a hug. Jesus reached out and touched many individuals. He touched a sick maiden, a blind man, a leprous man, a deaf man, Peter’s mother-in-law, and many others. He did not care who they were.

All people need a special touch. A touch can do many things. A touch can calm, show concern, love, forgiveness, kindness, peace, and happiness. “Reach out and touch someone today” was a phrase I heard growing up, and it is true. Our lives are short, and now is a good day to reach out to family members, or friends. You can be the one to encourage someone today. I remember packing to leave the camping trip. We hugged each other and even shed some tears. Oh, how I love the hug of family and friends. It has been said that everyone needs a smile and a hug, so let’s reach out and touch them for the Lord.

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