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Our hearts have been heavy for our friends in Ukraine. Some of you may remember that Jim and I began to go to Ukraine on missions trips starting in 2004. We hosted Deaf camps for children, teens, and families. God did an amazing work there (as He always does). We saw souls saved and friendships established. People learned Sign Language and are continuing to help the Deaf long after we were gone. Today we pray often – day and night – for our friends in Ukraine. We have reached out to our friends to help calm our hearts. We don’t have much information from them, but a few words help. Those words bring comfort (John 14:27). Recently we received a picture of some friends in their basement … safe. It was a relief, but it was sad. We are blessed right now in America. We thank the Lord for warm homes, for food on our table (three times a day), fresh water, hot showers, beds to lie down and get rest, the freedom to go to the store or just the ability to go outside for some fresh air. I thank the Lord for a cup of hot tea. While in Ukraine we often sat and drank hot tea and talked. Those are precious memories. We have all these things right now, but it could easily be gone in a moment! Be grateful for all the Lord has given you. Be grateful, knowing that our God can do amazing things and will answer when we call to Him (Jeremiah 33:3). Thank God that you can lie down and not worry that the enemy will attack. Each day we live is a gift from the Lord. Thank Him for this day, and then go and do something for Him today. Make a positive difference in someone’s life today. Smile! Cherish your family! Hug them and tell them that you love them. Go help a neighbor who is hurting, discouraged, fearful, or lonely. Show people Jesus. We may not have tomorrow, but we do have today! Do what you can today to share the love and truth of Jesus. Ted Camp has often told us many times, that “Happiness is a choice, and so is discouragement.” Fretting and fear are also thieves that rob you of your peace and joy. Go and live today with all your might to please God!

“Note: Fear fades Faith – Faith fades Fear. You cannot have fear and faith at the same time because they are incompatible. So focus on faith not fear “ – TC

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