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Dear Friends of SWM,

Recently I’ve come to realize that many different people have different views of SWM because of our many different ministries. Some see our missionaries, some see our newspaper, some see our Deaf Bible Institute, some see SWMB, and others see SWMI. How do you see our ministry? I thought it would be good to re-introduce our ministry and ministries to you so you can better pray and also know who and what you support. “Come Soar With Us.”

UniqueSilent Word Ministries (SWM) actually began in 1966 and relocated in 1973 to the Bill Rice Ranch (camp for the Deaf – TN). My wife and I served there as missionaries for twenty years, establishing deaf ministries and helping in free camps for the Deaf. In 1993, we relocated to our home town of Trenton, Georgia, to use our deaf ministry experience to begin Silent Word Ministries, Inc. for the purpose of evangelizing the Deaf world and edifying deaf ministries. We re-established the Deaf Bible Institute (now 1,656 deaf students), began The Silent Word newspaper, and continued “Fantastic Saturdays” designed to teach lay-people who knew signs but needed help in building deaf ministries and ministering to the Deaf. This required providing “how-to” literature for them. I realized what taught me could teach them. Now, SWM also provides “free” evangelism materials (newspaper, tracts, DBI, missions, etc) to those involved in the Great Commission. We also provide essential tools (SilentWord.org/store) for deaf ministries. We remain debt free, and only build as the Lord provides. Our ministry and our like-minded missionaries are dedicated to the same calling and ministry. SWM specializes in deaf ministry with the goal to EVANGELIZE the Deaf world and EDIFY deaf ministries. We are deafinitely unique. “Come Soar With Us.”

UnusualSilentWordMission Board (SWMB) Jon Barr, Director (JBarr@SilentWord.org) – Jim Bracelin, Assistant. In 1998, Missionary Allen Snare insisted the Lord wanted him at SWM. After much prayer, we opened the door and Allen and other missionaries joined. SWM is a ministry with a mission board. Missionaries receive 100% of their gifts and support. SWMB welcomes both deaf and hearing missionaries to join and offers them mentorship and exposure to the Deaf world. God does not call everyone to deaf missions, but He does call some. Has He called you? SWMB is here to serve those who serve the Deaf. “Come Soar With Us.”

UncommonSilent Word Ministries International (SWMI) David Bennett, Director (SWMI.org). SWM did not have the expertise or people for foreign ministries. The Lord sent David Bennett, with over 25 years of serving the Deaf and establishing a deaf church in Brazil, to oversee our foreign mission outreach. He has also developed unique team mission trips to reach vast multitudes of the deaf at special worldwide events. “Come Soar With Us.”

Unequaled – I have often stated, “We are not great; it’s just that we do not have any competition.” It is amazing that like-minded leaders seem to join with us at the right time to help us grow. We are unequaled because of our many years of unique experience in serving the Deaf and deaf ministries. SWM’s present leadership has 200+ years of deaf ministry experience to offer those who come to serve with us. “Come Soar With Us.”

Unexpected – What began with two people has multiplied and reached beyond our expectations. I often say, “God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.” It started when a deaf man signed, “More about Jesus would I know.” As a pastor, I wept, and promised that the Deaf would know more about Jesus. I hope this better informs you of this unique ministry. Many of you do not know Sign Language, but many Deaf people will hear in Heaven because of you, your prayers, and investments. Thank you for soaring with us!

In 2020, even with Covid and meeting cancellations, SWM had 129 reported salvation decisions from our many ministries. Well, you now have a better view of Silent Word Ministries. Thanks for helping to make this ministry possible!

We are here to serve,
Ted Camp

Praying Hands

Praise Report

Jon and Diane Barr praise the Lord for His opening up many meetings for them this spring – including 6 Fantastic Saturdays and other preaching opportunities!

Tabitha Beam thanks the Lord for a new supporting church!

Jim and Terry Bracelin give praise that Jim had the opportunity to preach at Appalachian Bible College. They also got to talk with many students and enjoy time with their former intern, Steven Burns.

Monique Lindsey is thankful for 3 students who recently accepted Christ as their Savior! She is also involved in discipling a few ladies and working with missionary families around the world.

Ben and Marie Muldoon had many deputation meetings in MD, VA, PA, and DE. Some schedule changes allowed them to “drop in” at other churches. There they spoke with pastors or deacons and briefly presented their burden for Romania. Several of those churches have invited them back. In other meetings they presented discipling and training Deaf people to reach other Deaf, spoke with teens on surrendering their lives to the Lord, gave personal testimonies, sang, and preached. One young man decided to be mentored by his pastor for the ministry; another took Gospel DVDs for his deaf brother-in-law.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider praise the Lord for 3 visitors recently visiting their services. One came because of an invitation from Earl, a Deaf man who was saved in November and is now eager to grow in the Lord. Paul has started discipleship with him.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart praise the Lord for doors opening for them for language school in France in January 2022.

Rusty and Cassandra VanDonkelaar thank the Lord for 2 new supporting churches. They have Sunday morning services in their church, and Rusty preaches online on Sunday and Thursday evenings. Cassandra is working one-on-one with several ladies from the church.

Prayer Request

Jon and Diane Barr ask you to pray for the March Fantastic Saturdays in Georgia and South Carolina. Pray for God’s power to be on the preaching of His Word and for people to be obedient to God.

Tabitha Beam requests prayer for the DeafNation mission trip this summer, for God to provide the needed funds, and for Him to begin working even now in hearts.

Jim and Terry Bracelin request prayer for Bible studies they are doing online and through the Videophone. Please pray for a Missions Conference where they will speak and present Deaf ministry in New Jersey.

Monique Lindsey would like your prayer for God’s direction and provision for a trip to Liberia later this year. She also is in need of a new Epson projector. Financial help for either of these projects can be sent to SWM, designated “Lindsey – Special Project.”

Ben and Marie Muldoon request prayer for Shawn, a man they witnessed to in their hotel, to be saved.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart ask for prayer for them to get the remaining support need by December. Pray for their meetings in the West, that they would represent Christ well, and that God would lead them to the churches that He would have partner with them.

Rusty and Cassandra VanDonkelaar ask prayer for more deputation meetings, increased support, and for Deaf people in Greenville to follow Jesus and be faithful.

Many from the SWM Team request prayer for the DeafNation mission trip in July. Please pray for God to bring the right team together, for His working in the hearts of team members and those attending the expo, for boldness in giving out God’s Word, for many souls to be saved, and for the animated, signed, Gospel video to be completed in time for the event. SWM Mission Team Members planning to be a part of this evangelistic outreach include David & Vicki Bennett, Jon & Diane Barr, Tabitha Beam, Larry & Diana Galyen, Monique Lindsey, Ben and Marie Muldoon, Bruce and Amanda Stuart, and Carrie Whaley.

6-Month Average Support Received (Not including promised support)

Barr – SWM, Deaf USA – 98%
Beam – SWM Office – 64%
Bennett – Deaf International 84%
Bracelin – SWM Northeast – 97%
Camp – SWM – 100%
Nicole Condra – Romania – 100%
Condra – Deaf USA – 59%
Galyen – Marketplace/Helps – 10%
Gorham – Deaf Youth – 12%
Lindsey – Liberia – 13%
Muldoon – Romania – 39%
Ring – Deaf Canada – 65%
Snare – Deaf USA – 93%
Strosnider – Deaf Church – 100%
Stuart – Gabon – 40%
VanDonkelaar – Deaf Church – 34%
Whaley – Liberia – 3%

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