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What do you want to do? Do you want to lose weight, have better health, exercise, control your temper, be a better person, or fulfill a goal? Most people consider it, but considering burns no calories. Many think about it, but thoughts accomplish nothing. There is a difference in thinking and trying. Good intentions never finish the task. An ounce of effort is better than a pound of good intentions. Thinking does not burn calories nor build muscles. Losing weight requires more than a mental attitude, it also requires manual activity. To reach any goal you must make that “first step.” 

To clear a forest, you must cut down the first tree. To write an article, you must begin with the first word. To dig a trench, you must pick up a shovel. To paint, you must pick up a brush. To cut grass, you must start the mower. To trim weeds, you must crank the weed eater. To wash dishes, you must put your hands into the dishwater. To sweep, you find a broom. But first, it is essential that you raise your head, open your eyes, and rise from bed.

One advertisement promises you will lose 10 pounds if you just pick up the phone. I did this several times and never lost an ounce. “The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with the first step.” (Chinese Proverb). “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there” (Will Rogers). You must make that first step. Stand and put one foot in front of the other foot then do it again and again. It is easier to procrastinate and plan to start tomorrow, but often tomorrow never comes. It has been said, “There’s nothing so fatiguing or discouraging as an uncompleted task.”

Every morning, after coffee, it is required to make that “first step.” In the navy they yell, “Attention, Forward March.” We must take that first step. Each morning visualize how good it felt after you finally completed the task yesterday. There is great satisfaction in starting and stepping. There are sad regrets over unfinished and undone tasks. Step and start in the right direction, keep going, and you will reach your destination. Decisions determine directions and directions determine destinations. Stop procrastinating! Make that “first step.” Then the next and the next. Only finished tasks are rewarded (Matthew 25:21). Your journey begins with the “first step.” There are no quick gimmicks, short cuts, or instant solutions. Everyone, including you and me, must go through the painful process of overcoming self. There are no exceptions. Others succeed because they do what others do not like doing. It is now your time to also do it. Don’t let your body control your life. I have preached, “Don’t stop, don’t quit, and don’t give up.” I have now added “Don’t give in.” So, don’t sit but step! Do it! Make that first step! “Attention! Forward – March!”

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