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Children are taught that certain things are a “No – No!”  When they do a  “No – No,” they get a certain special look from their father/mother and immediately stop. Well, God has four “NO – NOs,” and at times He also guides his children with that special “No-No” look (Psa. 32:8).

FAINT NOT: “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not” (Gal. 6:9). Well doing” means doing good Godly things. Can a Christian become weary in well doing? YES! Be honest! Are there times you are weary in reading your Bible; going to church; praying or witnessing to others? You are weary and just want to be left alone. Sometimes even pastors become weary, especially on Monday mornings. One wife tried her best to make her husband get up for church. He said, “I just do not want to go to church.” She said, “But you’re the pastor.” YES! Christians can become weary in doing good things. Weary means tired, fed-up, disgusted, depressed, discouraged or to lose heart. Remember, those who faint will never know what they could have reaped. They remain with regrets and remorse of what might have been.

Learn that your greatest help or hindrance is your free-will. The Devil cannot make you sin, and God will not make you serve. Decisions determine directions and directions determine destinations. What is a failure? A failure is not someone who fails but someone who quits. At this time are you weary in well doing? Don’t faint – Stay faithful! Success is not what it takes to startyou, but what it takes to stopyou. When you do faint, get up! “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again” (Pro. 24:16). If you keep getting up one day you will reap. It is not what happens to you but in you that makes the difference.

Remember, I asked, “Are there times you do not feel like going to church, praying, reading your Bible or witnessing?” Well, when you don’t feel like: going to church – go to church: praying – pray: reading your Bible – open and read your Bible: witnessing – witness. You will reap by hearing a message you needed, a special prayer is answered, a Scripture touched your heart, and a soul is saved. Try it! You reap the presence of the Lord and hear the glory bells of Heaven!

Recently a friend told me, “I did not feel like coming to church today, but I remember what you taught. Thank you! I am glad I came.” Don’t faint! The greatest witness to the world is a changed and committed Christian who just will not faint, quit, or give up. So when you are weary and feel like fainting, just say, That is a NO – NO! Why? Because I don’t want regrets or remorse I want to reap.Faint Not!

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