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Children are taught that certain things are a “No – No!”  When they do a  “No – No” they get a certain look from their father/mother and immediately stop.  I learned from my mother. Well, the Lord has four “No–Nos” and at times He also guides his children with a “No-No” look. “I will guide thee with mine eye” (Psa. 32:8).  God has four “No-No’s” for His children.

(1) Fret Not:Fret not thyself because of evildoers …neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. Trust in the LORD, and do good…Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass… Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: fret not” (Psa 37:1-8). Notice it opens and closes with a “No-No!” – Fret Not!  

What does fret mean? “to feel or express worry, annoyance, discontent, anxiety, or the like.” To fret is a sin because we do not trust, commit, or rest in the Lord. Fret and faith are never compatible and cannot exist together. You have one or the other, but not both. As fret begins faith ends. Fret fades faithFaith fades fret.  As faith increases, fret decreases or vice versa. Faith is not a feeling, but faith is a function. Which will win? Know that most frets never happen because they never existed. Even when it does the fretting was worse than what really happened.  Frets have never dried one tear, healed one broken heart, or solved one problem. Frets change nothing, but cause stress, anxiety, tears, and heartaches. The remedy is God’s replacement program (Col. 3:8-10).  Put off frets – Put on faith. Good News! You can only think one thought at a time so “think on these things”  and do “those things” (Phil.4:8-9). Focus on faith – Forget fret. Let faith fade fret. 

Notice in Hebrews 11 that “by faith” is followed by a verb of action.  Abel offered… Noah built… Enoch walked…. Faith requires an object and an action. Fret not and focus on faith to trust, delight, commit, rest in the Lord. Fret not and have faith to believe what you do not see and see what you believe. Faith increases and decreases. “the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith” (Luke 17:5). Again, faith fades fret. So, when we face and fret the storms of life it is a “No-No!  As you face your storms say as Paul, “I believe God” (Acts 27:25). God may not still your storm, but He can still you in the storm. So when you fret, look up as your Father looks down and gives you that certain No-No look. Fret Not!

                                                 (Next article: Fear Not – TC)

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