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“Give Them the Gospel”

Give them, Oh, give them the Gospel,
Why should they die in their sin?
Tell them, Oh, tell them of Jesus,
They are so burdened within.
Long have they waited in darkness,
Waited for someone to go.
Long have they sought in their blindness
Jesus the Saviour to know.

Tell them, Oh, tell them the story,
Story of Christ crucified;
Point them to Jesus, the Saviour,
Jesus Who suffered and died.

Take them, Oh, take them the message,
Why should they longer despair?
Only the Saviour can help them,
Banish their sorrow and care.
Go, then and tell them of Jesus,
It was for them He was slain.
Give them, Oh, give them the Gospel,
Let not their cry be in vain.


© Written by Missionary Dan Truax.
May be sung to the tune of “Tell Me the Story of Jesus.”

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