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This Thanksgiving I am very thankful for my family. We have been blessed. I thank God He gave me the right wife, Debbie. I prayed a long year that she would become my wife. She was Deaf and she was just what I needed. We were very happily married (for 27 years). She died from cancer. We had three children. Joy (Waters) is hearing. Our two Deaf sons, John and Justin, are both married. Chris and Joy (hearing) have three children (my grandchildren): Nikki (hearing), Rylie (Deaf) and Trent (hearing). Praise the Lord my grandchildren also know sign language. Praise the Lord that they are also saved. John and Anna (also Deaf) do not have children yet. Justin and Neressa (Deaf) have two children: Amarante is 2 years old (Deaf) and Viviettte is 5 months old (hearing). God never made a mistake. He gave me my family (both Deaf and hearing). I thank God He gave me my Deaf and hearing family and all of them know Sign Language. I thank God that Debbie shared her good testimony to us and others. She did see her granddaughters Nikki and Rylie before she was gone. I now have 5 sweet grandchildren. I am blessed!

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