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“Oh, be careful little hands what you do… for the Father up above is looking down in love.” Whether your hands are large or small, God made them, and they are amazing! Some interesting facts about hands include the following. 1) About a quarter of the part of the brain that controls all movement in the body is devoted to the muscles of the hands. 2) The hand has 34 muscles, but none of them are in the fingers! The muscles that bend the fingers are in the palm and forearm. 3) You cannot get a tan on your palms or the underside of your fingers. 4) Only about 10% of the entire human population is left-handed. 5) Our fingers are even more sensitive than our eyes. The fingertips send numerous messages to the brain. (deserthandandpt.com/18-amazing-facts-about-human-hands/)

We may do things that other people will never see, but God always sees how we use our hands. Our hands can be used for good or evil. Some people use their hands for making great works of art, while others pollute or ruin beauty with graffiti. Hands may write beautiful music and books to entertain or teach, or they can write lies or profanity to hurt and lead people astray. Hands can hold a new-born baby with a gentle caress, or they can destroy a home through violence and abuse. We can use our hands to cook, sew, clean, make, paint, build, brush, lift, type, wipe, touch, carry, play, text, sign, gesture, stroke, pet, defend, point, draw, work, care, share, protect, fix, peel, tie, give, grip, pinch, hit, remove, cut, serve, and so much more. Recently we had a tornado do some damage at our home and at the SWM office. In the days following, people blessed us in using their hands to make and bring a jar of soup and some homemade cornbread (yum!); to help drag tree limbs and leftover parts of a shed out of our yard; to deliver a load of dirt; to drive a Bobcat and move downed trees; to replace shingles on our roof; and to give money for needed repairs. The things we do with our hands do not have to be great; they just need to be “to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31), for He sees them all.

Today, choose to please God in all the works of your hands.

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