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“Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him…And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark…And they that went in …as God had commanded him: and the LORD shut him in” (Gen. 6:22-7:16). Noah was God’s first shut-in. Notice God said, “Come… into the ark.” 

Notice the Lord was inside and invited Noah to come in and join Him inside the ark. Noah was shut-out, isolated, quarantined, and separated from the world, but he was not isolated, quarantined, or separated from God. Noah was without rudders, sails, motor, or oars so he must depend and rely upon an almighty God. Noah was without radar, sonar, compasses, maps, or an instruction manual, so he must trust all-sufficient God. Noah was without provisions, so he put his faith in all-knowing God. Noah only had a boat that would float.

As Noah, David felt he was also alone and abandoned as he fled from King Saul. He said, “I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man that would know me: refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul” (Psa.142:4). David looked for help but found no one cared. Later he wrote, “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want…though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me” (Psa. 23:1-4). David was shut-out, but he was also shut-in with the Lord, and that was e’nuff

In prison Paul was “Singing In The Pain” because he was shut-in with God and that was e’nuff (Acts 16:25). Paul wrote “Be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” (Heb.13:5). Never means never! 

During these crucial and critical days you may also become shut-out, isolated, and quarantined, but remember, as a Christian, you will also be shut-in with God and that’s e’nuff. Remember God promises to always be shut-in with you. He was “there” when you were saved, He remains “there” as your Comforter, and He promises to be “there” at death (2 Cor. 3:9). “Then we … shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord” (2 Thess. 4:17-18). One day the Lord, as He was with Noah, will again close the door saying, “Come up hither” (Rev. 4:1). Then we will be shut-out from this world of tears, pains, and death (Rev. 21:4). “Wherefore comfort one another with these words” (1 Thess. 4:18). 

Together – Forever shut-in with the Lord and that’s e’nuff. God’s last shut-in.

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