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I thank God that He planned my life as I grew up. My mother took me to to church every Sunday and Wednesday, but there was no interpreter for me. I looked around at the pictures of Jesus, cross, story of Bible, etc. I graduated from Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in Philadelphia in 1967. Then I went back home and worked at a company. I still went to church without an interpreter. I joined a church softball team. We played softball games against about 6-8 different church teams. One of the pastors noticed me as we played. He was burdened for my soul (I believed). He decided to call an evangelist from the Bill Rice Ranch, Dr. Bill Rice III, to come preach a revival meeting at his church the next fall. The pastor met me and told me that the evangelist and his wife used sign language. I went to his church and met them. We talked in sign language. His wife interpreted for me as he preached. That was the first time in my life that I saw an interpreter in church. I learned from the Bible. After the meeting, she asked me about Jesus. I never heard about the Saviour before. The evangelist explained to me about being saved. I understood about Jesus and I got saved. I was excited to learn the Bible more. God DID plan my life! After my salvation He called me to go to Bible school. I have loved serving the Lord from 1975 to now. I thank God that He DID plan my life. He changed my life. He can also change YOUR life.

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