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“Going Forth to Conquer”

Going forth to conquer in the Master’s name,
Marching forth together with our hearts aflame,
Telling in the byways that the Saviour came,
Doing what the Saviour said to do.

Going, telling, doing what the Master said to do, together,
Going, telling, we’re doing what the Saviour said to do.

Jesus said to teach of Him in every place
Jesus said to tell the lost of saving grace.
Soon we’ll stand to give account before His face
Have we done what Jesus said to do?


Many hearts are hungry for the Bread of Life.
Many more are battered by their sin and strife.
We must go where misery and sin are rife.
We must do what Jesus said to do.


Going, telling, doing everything we can,
Showing those in darkness God’s redemption plan,
Telling how He loves the souls of fallen man,
Doing what the Saviour said to do.


© Written by Missionary Dan Truax.
May be sung to the tune of “Standing On the Promises.”

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